Five Inspirational Life Listers

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

I’ve followed these Life Listers for a while now and each and every time I visit their blog I find it inspirational. These five individuals really go above and beyond what many Life List bloggers offer – they pro-actively seek to help others achieve their own life goals.

So whether you’re looking for the motivation to achieve your own goals, for some support and advice in achieving specific goals, or just for some new or unusual life goal ideas, then these five successful Life Listers will undoubtedly provide some inspiration…

Sean Ogle of Location 180 – without doubt one of the most interesting blogs on the internet written by a guy with a natural talent for inspiring others (in his case with a particular focus on becoming location independent – a goal which enables so many others).

Lauren Rains of The Mad to Live - a “microadventuring, world travelling, life living, project starting (and finishing) chic on one mission: to lead a life she’s mad to live.” She’s mad, but she’s also brilliant!

David Cain of Raptitude – “getting better at being human” reads his tagline and his blog certainly contains a wealth of insight into how to do exactly that (look out for his brilliant post on How To Walk Across A Parking Lot).

Annette White of Bucket List Journey – a stupendously long list, at 494 goals, so plenty of ideas to get those life goal juices flowing. With a particular focus on all things edible she also gets the gastronomic juices flowing!

The Buried Life – four guys from Canada traveling the globe to achieve their shared list of 100 life goals. But for every item they complete on their list they help a stranger to achieve one of their dreams. Let the funny videos commence!

There are, of course, many other Life Listers out there who are providing inspiration and supporting others in their own unique way. But these are five that I have personally found inspirational.

So check them out, let us know your thoughts. Which Life Lister most inspires you? Who has helped you achieve your life goals? Who has the craziest Life List of all?!


2 thoughts on Five Inspirational Life Listers

    • A pleasure. Keep up the good work inspiring us fellow Life Listers! Yes, definitely make sure you’re following those other blogs – each wonderful in their own way. Hopefully we can persuade you to follow the Goalvanise blog too ;-)

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